Air Fresheners Can't Eliminate Pet Odors

Air Fresheners Can't Eliminate Pet Odors

Freshen up your home with pet carpet cleaning services in El Paso, TX

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, pet odors and stains can linger long after you've cleaned up the mess. If your living spaces smell sour or your carpets are turning yellow, it's time to schedule pet carpet cleaning services.

Ultimate Carpet Care specializes in pet odor removal. Our services are perfect for the carpets in...

  • Your living and dining rooms
  • Fluffy's favorite bedroom
  • Fido's playroom

Contact us today for first-rate pet carpet cleaning services in the El Paso, TX area.

Say goodbye to stubborn stains

Did you miss a spot when cleaning up your pet's mess? If the stain isn't fresh, don't worry. Our pet stain removal specialists can remove stains that are up to one year old.

We'll use powerful pet odor removal products with enzymes to break down waste. Your carpets will smell and look brand-new when we're through.

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